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Nemuro Cuisine

Nemuro is home to many original dishes unique to this fishing city. A great way to explore Nemuro’s food scene is to go for items on the menu that you haven’t heard of, such as Esukaroppu and Oriental Rice. There are many delicious delicacies born out of Nemuro’s distinctive culture.
*The content of the article is information as of 2023.


A unique feature of this fishing city, this original dish was created to offer fishers a hearty meal that they can eat quickly. The name is said to come from the French word escalope.

Stamina Rice

This dish is bound to give you an energy boost. It features a pork cutlet on a bed of white rice, on top of that is stir-fried vegetables seasoned in a Chinese style, and on top of that is either a raw or fried egg.

Olanda Senbei

Olanda Senbei (Dutch crackers) are a famous Nemuro snack. They have a soft texture and gentle sweetness that spreads in the mouth.

Oriental Rice

This satisfying dish is made up of curried rice with hanger steak and demi-glace sauce. Along with Esukaroppu, it’s one of Nemuro’s most popular local dishes.