Hokkaido Nemuro City
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Experience Hokkaido beyond what you ever imagined,
from unexpected encounters with
local wildlife, to wondrous sea creatures
only nature could conceive, and a world-renowned
paradise for wild birds. This is Nemuro,
the easternmost point of mainland Japan.
Where cuisine, nature, and culture,
go beyond stereotypes of Hokkaido.
Nemuro’s myriad wonders may be unfamiliar,
even to many Hokkaido locals,
but they are sure to stir your very soul,
showing you a whole new face of Hokkaido.
Hokkaido’s deepest nuances are here,
waiting for you to discover them.

If you’re ready to take
the plunge into the
true Hokkaido,
this is the place for you.

Things to Do

Deep things that can only be done in Nemuro

Bird watching in Nemuro, a haven for wild birds

#birdwatching #wildbirds

Fūro-Sō, the guesthouse that became a base for nature lovers

#furoso #wildbirds #charmsofnemuro

Exploring picturesque views from capes in the seaside city of Nemuro

#exploringcapes #autumn #charmsofnemuro

Learning about the sea and people of Ochiishi through local fishers

#naturecruise #birdwatching

Savoring unique flavors: The restaurants serving up classic Nemuro cuisine

#seafood #localfood #charmsofnemuro


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About Nemuro

A world-renowned paradise
for wild birds
Nemuro, the easternmost
point of mainland Japan

Nemuro is the easternmost point of mainland Japan and includes the Nemuro Peninsula, which juts out into the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk, and its immediate surroundings.
Nemuro is home to countless pristine natural habitats,
born from its unique climate and natural terrain.
It is a heartland for wild birds, home to over 360 different species.


Nemuro’s numerous transport links include access by air, rail and road.
To enjoy the transition from urban landscapes to rich natural scenery is to know the essence of Nemuro.
*All travel times below are estimates.

  • Haneda (Tokyo) → Nakashibetsu1hr. 55min.
  • Haneda (Tokyo) → Kushiro1hr. 45min
  • Kansai (Osaka) → Haneda (Tokyo)
    → Nakashibetsu
    3hr. 50min.
  • Kansai (Osaka) → Haneda (Tokyo)
    → Nakashibetsu
    3hr. 50min.
  • Osaka (Itami) → Haneda (Tokyo)
    → Nakashibetsu
    3hr. 50min.
  • Okadama (Sapporo) → Nakashibetsu50min.